News Release

Sanders National Delegates and Organizers Announce Support for Rebecca Otto



Group is turning out Sanders supporters for Rebecca for February 6 caucuses 

SAINT PAUL - The Rebecca Otto for Governor campaign today officially announced the formation of a Sanders Supporters for Rebecca Otto group.  The group is working to turn out Bernie Sanders supporters for the Tuesday, February 6 DFL precinct caucuses to vote for Rebecca Otto in the straw poll, and become precinct caucus and state convention delegates for her

“I was a national delegate for Bernie Sanders and I am excited this year to support Rebecca Otto for Governor," said Chris Meyer, Minnesota national delegate for Sanders to the 2016 Democratic National Convention and newly-elected Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner (District 1). "I'm supporting Rebecca because she has outstanding, detailed plans to improve education, achieve universal healthcare coverage for all Minnesotans, and most of all to fight climate change. Her Minnesota-Powered Plan is the most transformative and well-crafted climate plan I have ever seen proposed by any statewide candidate anywhere in the United States. Rebecca Otto is the tested, progressive leader we need to lead Minnesota toward a truly 21st century economy." 

Chris Meyer (Minneapolis, Congressional District 5) was joined in the announcement by Minnesota Sanders national delegates Gabe Aderhold (Edina, CD 5), Jake Mazurek (Mound, CD 3) and Josie Myers-Kuykindall (Waconia, CD 6).  Prominent Minnesota Sanders ’16 organizers Mike Kuitu (Duluth, CD 8), Kristen Larsen (Ely, CD 8) and Shawn Olson (Alexandria, CD 7) also joined in the announcement.

"I am proud to have the support of so many Minnesotans who supported Bernie Sanders in 2016.  I know they will be an important force in the February 6 precinct caucuses," said Rebecca Otto.  "We have an exciting, progressive, game-changing agenda: Single Payer health care, fighting climate change, 2 years free college, and the Fight for $15!"

Rebecca Otto is endorsed by Our Rev MN - the statewide organization inspired by Bernie Sanders.  She was the top vote-getter in their membership vote to endorse.  Our Rev MN gave the questionnaire Rebecca Otto submitted to them a 91% favorable rating as part of their endorsement process.

Sanders supporters are widely expected to be a significant factor in the 2018 caucuses by turning out to continue the resistance against Trump’s reactionary, xenophobic actions.  Sanders supporters turned out in force in the 2017 municipal caucuses in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and played a significant role in those municipal elections. Sanders received 61% of the vote and 125,635 total votes in the 2016 DFL precinct caucuses.