Rebecca's vision

The RenewMN Plan

In 2018, Minnesotans must make a fundamental choice: do we want politics that looks and acts like it currently does? Or do we want a new vision and a new direction, where there is equality of opportunity and prosperity for everyone?

Rebecca Otto has a new vision for Minnesota called RenewMN that will give us a vibrant and diverse local economy; reinvigorated communities; strong, high quality schools; healthy, prosperous families; and a clean environment. It consists of five interlocking puzzle pieces that all support one another to Renew Minnesota. Click each piece to explore its topic. As Rebecca releases each of the five major parts of her vision, the corresponding puzzle piece will light up and link to her exciting new plans.

The Minnesota-Powered Plan will meaningfully diversify our economy, creating between 70,000 and 235,000 permanent jobs that pay 42 percent above average, reinvigorating Main Streets across the state as we switch to clean energy.

The Healthy Minnesota Plan will provide universal health care and lower costs by an estimated 15 percent while putting the patient-provider relationship back at the center. No premiums, no deductibles, and you will be free to choose your provider and keep them. This will propel a small business revolution.

The 15-5-2 Plan will battle the twin challenges of the 21st-century economy: downward pressure on wages, and the need to train and retrain workers for the high skill, higher-paying jobs of today. It includes a $15 statewide minimum wage phased in over 5 years (7 years for small employers and Greater Minnesota); and 2 years tuition-free college, university, or vocational education anywhere in the Minnesota State system.

There are bright days ahead in Rebecca's vision to Renew Minnesota.

A clean energy plan that creates thousands of jobs A universal health plan that puts the provider-patient relationship at the center and saves costs An economic plan that meets the workforce needs of this century as it lifts Minnesota from a low-wage to a high-wage economy