News Release

Rebecca Otto announces nation-leading ‘Healthy Minnesota Plan'

Unique approach hailed as ‘a bold, honest and ambitious patient-centric plan’

Value-driven concept will cover everyone and produce an estimated 15 percent savings


DOCTOR AND PATIENTWEDNESDAY, OCT 11—SAINT PAUL—Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Otto today announced the most aggressive state health care plan in the nation, called the Healthy Minnesota Plan, the second piece of a 5-part vision for the state, which Otto calls “RenewMN.” 

The Healthy Minnesota Plan is the first and only health care proposal released by a gubernatorial candidate. Many people talk about solving the health care crisis. Rebecca Otto has developed a detailed plan to solve it.

The Plan takes a unique approach to tackling the health care crisis: It has no premiums or deductibles; every Minnesota resident is covered; you are free to choose your doctor and you won’t be forced to change; doctors are paid to improve and manage the health of the whole person instead of treating sickness; businesses are freed from the need to provide health care, which stimulates the economy and frees innovators to start new businesses, and overall, costs are lowered while quality is increased.

“The Healthy Minnesota Plan will cover every Minnesotan while bringing down health care costs and putting the patient-provider relationship back at the center of healthcare,” said Otto. “It is a win for individuals, a win for health care providers, and a win for employers.”

"The Healthy Minnesota plan is simultaneously progressive, prudent, and responsible," said Ezekiel Emanuel, chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the Perelman School of Medicine and The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and a leading expert on U.S. health care policy. "Rebecca Otto's proposal eliminates coverage gaps, allowing all Minnesotans to choose a job that’s right for them, without worrying about whether they will have health insurance or not.  Her plan is a thoughtful and detailed step toward incentivizing doctors and hospitals to improve quality, and ensure patients and families get high value care regardless of socioeconomic status."  

“The Healthy Minnesota Plan tackles all the tough issues of health care reform,” said Maureen Reed, former medical director of HealthPartners and chair of the University of Minnesota Board of Regents. “It is courageous, it is comprehensive, and it is long over-due.”

“Rebecca's Plan is centered on compassion, fairness and basic rights of health care for all Minnesotans,” said Bilal and Naheed Murad, both physicians in Saint Paul. “It is a bold, honest and ambitious patient-centric plan which sincerely tries to address the complex web of issues which have made health care delivery expensive, inefficient and unjust.” 

“The Healthy Minnesota Plan is a giant step in the right direction if we want to realistically tackle rising health care costs while maintaining or improving quality,” said economist and former legislator Julie Bunn, who wrote and passed a number of health care reform measures while in the state legislature. “It is a responsible Plan that goes much farther than rhetoric; it looks at how we can actually get this done in a way that leverages our current assets and directs them to tackle the issue.”

The Renew Minnesota Plan consists of five interlocking puzzle pieces, presented in the shape of the state of Minnesota. The first two pieces, the Minnesota-Powered Plan and the Healthy Minnesota Plan, have been released and dovetail with one another to help lower energy and health care costs while growing tens of thousands of new high-paying jobs, stimulating innovation, and putting Minnesotans back in control of their own destiny.