Rebecca Otto, your best choice for Governor Rebecca Otto saddling up

Early every morning, Rebecca grabs a mug of coffee and heads out to the barn to feed the animals and shovel manure. She says it's where she does some of her best thinking.

On the way back she checks the wind generator and solar panels, then heads in to work at the capitol.

At the office she digs in, overseeing tens of billions of our tax dollars and bringing people together to solve complex problems.

She takes tough stands based on the evidence to protect the best interests of Minnesotans, even if it means being the first to take a stand.

She lives her life by Minnesota values: you care about everyone, you do what's right, and you persist until you solve the problem.

She's running to be our next Governor.

Meet Rebecca 

Rebecca Otto A statewide executive who stands for what's right, even when it means standing alone.
A cofounder and president of a 50-employee business. A teacher with a master's of education. A leader in Ag finance and affordable housing.
The Ottos hand-built their houseRebecca Otto walks the talk. The Ottos hand-built their solar home on a farm in rural May township.

After spending summers in the Boundary Waters as a teenager, Rebecca adopted Minnesota as her home state and studied science at Macalester College, where she met her husband Shawn. 

The couple founded and built a 50-employee business which Rebecca ran. She later earned a Masters of Education from the U of M and taught public school science for five years, then left to be home with their son. 

In 1995, concerned about what the scientific evidence was showing about climate change, the couple designed and built a renewable energy home with their own hands in rural May Township. I has been toured by more than ten thousand people.

After their son entered public school, Rebecca turned her focus to community service. She served on a school district finance committee, then chaired a successful school levy campaign and was elected to school board in the conservative Forest Lake area. 

Rebecca was then elected a DFL state representative in the same year Michele Bachmann took office as the district’s Republican senator. She was named "new legislator of the year."

In 2004, she hosted a famous "One Minnesota" get-together, bringing Arne Carlson and Walter Mondale together for the first time on her farm.

That same year, she was the first person to bring DFL and Republican state finance leaders together for an honest discussion about the state budget.

In 2006 she was elected State Auditor after unseating a Republican incumbent in the largest upset in 112 years, and in 2013 was named President of the National State Auditors Association.

Since launching her campaign for Governor, Rebecca has been listening to Minnesotans all across the state, and will be incorporating their views into her policy platform.


A Record of Courageous and Caring Leadership

"Otto’s capable job ensuring that billions of taxpayer dollars are appropriately and prudently spent has been recognized nationally. She was elected president of the National State Auditors Association in 2013. In 2014 she was named one of the 15 most-influential professionals in government auditing in America."
—Minneapolis Star Tribune

Rebecca Otto is a nationally respected leader who looks at the evidence and stands up for what’s right—even if she's the first to take a stand. 

The Strongest Candidate for Governor


A self-financed challenger outspent Rebecca 4:1; she defeated him 4:1.

In the must-win 2018 election, we need a candidate who will bring new innovation and new solutions, someone with a strong track record of winning tough statewide races by standing up for what's right.

A Proven Statewide Winner


Rebecca Otto Iron Range Margin Rebecca Otto Statewide Margin

If you want to win in 2018, stand with Rebecca Otto today!

Support Rebecca's evidence-based One Minnesota politics with your money, your name, your time, or your talent.