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State Auditor Rebecca Otto campaigns for governor while fighting for the future of her office
Erin Golden | Star Tribune | Aug 14, 2017
Among the DFL’s stable of statewide elected officials, Otto is second only to Gov. Mark Dayton in public flares of tension with legislative Republicans. Otto says her work as auditor and her candidacy for governor are both about fighting efforts to limit the functions of state government that benefit citizens.

Rebecca Otto signs No Fossil Fuel Money pledge; challenges opponents to follow her lead
News release | Aug 14, 2017
Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto, a candidate for the 2018 election for Governor of Minnesota, has pledged to reject campaign contributions from the oil, gas, and coal industries.

Minnesota Supreme Court agrees to consider state auditor's appeal over privatization
Erin Golden | Star Tribune | Aug 08, 2017
Two lower courts did find that auditing is a core function of Otto’s office. “As I have said all along, I swore an oath to uphold the Minnesota Constitution and protect Minnesota taxpayers,” she added. “I will continue to uphold that oath.”

Rebecca Otto hires former top Bernie Sanders staffer Jake Sanders
News Release | Jul 26, 2017
Hiring move seeks to engage grassroots activists and unite the DFL party. “We are building a grassroots movement to end the politics of greed that is threatening our quality of life and get back to politics that works for all the people,” said Otto. “With the addition of Jake Sanders to our team, we are signaling to every voter out there that we want you as a part of our movement.”

MN city water treatment data now online
Detroit Lakes Online | Jul 19, 2017
"This is an example of something really good happening in state government," said Auditor Otto. "By pulling together all of the right people with similar goals, by working in partnership with the University of Minnesota, leveraging their infrastructure and researchers, we have built a game-changing tool that will provide everyone meaningful information about the state of our civil infrastructure in Minnesota. It will help everyone make better-informed decisions, which will ensure better outcomes over time, especially for our rural communities."

MN Governor Candidate State Auditor Rebecca Otto
Haidi Holtan | KAXE-FM | Jul 13, 2017
Listen in as MN State Auditor Rebecca Otto stopped by our studios recently to tell us why she is running for Governor in 2018.

VIDEO: DFL gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Otto shouts out for climate action, clean energy
Bluestem Prairie | Jun 29, 2017
Winning in 2018 and then actually doing something about climate change and the clean energy economy is too important to vote for a compromise candidate or one who is untested statewide.

Rebecca Otto wins "Best Picture Oscar" of government auditing profession
News Release | National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers | Jun 15, 2017
Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto was awarded the highest honor in government auditing, the William R. Snodgrass Distinguished Leadership Award. This is the Best Picture Oscar of the government auditing profession.

Minnesota's Supreme Court must come to the rescue
Lori Sturdevant | Star Tribune | Jun 10, 2017
The Legislature’s Republican majorities are gearing up to take Dayton to court over his line-item veto just as the Otto case reaches the top of the judicial branch’s appellate ladder. I’d call that a fortuitous coincidence. The Minnesota Supreme Court is going to get a chance to go to the root of the problem: the willingness of one branch of government to usurp the constitutionally assigned power of another in order to get its way.

Our View: Legislators shouldn't booby-trap bills
Editorial Board | Rochester Post-Bulletin | Jun 09, 2017
If the state Supreme Court gets a chance to weigh in, we'd like it to issue a clear directive that legislators be mindful of the single-subject clause. At the very least, leaders on both sides of the aisle owe it to their constituents to communicate with each other regarding any last-minute additions or deletions from major bills.

Climate Change and the Minnesota Governor’s Race
Joseph Palermo | Huffington Post | Jun 06, 2017
In Minnesota a true champion of clean energy has entered the governor’s race and won the endorsement from a top climate scientist. Let’s hope Rebecca Otto’s gubernatorial bid sets an example for other state and local races.

Support Rebecca Otto for Governor of Minnesota Because it’s not just Local.
Matthew Chapman | Huffington Post | Jun 05, 2017
Rebecca Otto is a walking rebuke to Donald Trump. If she gets elected in 2018, she’ll be one of the key warriors - and a proven one with credentials no one can question - in the new American battle to fight climate change despite the federal government.

Climate Scientist Michael Mann Endorses Rebecca Otto for Governor of Minnesota
ScienceBlogs | Jun 05, 2017
State Auditor Rebecca Otto is running for Governor of Minnesota. She will seek the DFL (Democratic Party) Endorsement. There are several other candidates either declared or likely to run, but Otto stands head and shoulders above all the others, especially in three areas:

Top climate scientist endorses Rebecca Otto for Governor
News release | Jun 05, 2017
World-leading climate scientist Dr. Michael E. Mann is weighing in on the Minnesota governor's race with a resounding endorsement. The creator of the famed "hockey stick" graph says that three-term Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto is the best candidate to succeed outgoing Governor Mark Dayton.

Rebecca Otto on Air America
Mike McIntee | AM950 | Jun 01, 2017
In this remarkable interview, Rebecca Otto discusses the recent legislative session, her lawsuit over privatization, and how it all ties in with why she's running for Governor.

Rebecca Otto appears on A Woman's Place
Betty Folliard | AM950 Air America | May 27, 2017
In this in-depth interview, Rebecca talks with A Woman's Place host Betty Folliard about her life, starting a business, being a public school teacher, passing a school levy, how she got into politics, her stands against the politics of greed, her fights for what we believe in and the core American values of government of, by, and for the people — and how she keeps winning historic statewide elections!

Rebecca Otto: by far the strongest and most progressive candidate for Minnesota Governor in 2018
Greg Laden | Minnesota Progressive Project | May 24, 2017
In 2016 Minnesotans showed they were ready to embrace bold, progressive leadership, the kind of leadership that they believe, based on track record, won’t sell them out on key issues when the going gets tough. They want a candidate who runs outside strict party affiliation, who thinks independently, and who takes stands for ordinary people instead of the wealthy elite or big corporations even if it means the corporations will mount attacks. They want the kind of principled, fearless leadership shown by Bernie Sanders and Rebecca Otto. Otto has racked up several historic victories, including the largest upset of an incumbent in 112 years, and is positioned to do it again in 2018. Her statewide electoral prowess far outstrips her nearest competitor.

In auditor fight, fight for checks and balances
Editorial Board | Pioneer Press | May 17, 2017
Former Republican Gov. Arne Carlson, also a former state auditor, summed up in an affidavit what he sees at risk: The state would lose the independence of the auditor’s office “and replace it with private CPA firms beholden, not to the people, but to county boards and employees.” He further suggests concern that firms will “act in a manner designed to ensure repeat business, not to protect the taxpayers.”

Pile-on legislation is aplenty — and unconstitutional in Minnesota
Lori Sturdevant | StarTribune | May 07, 2017
Why legislators face a single-subject rule (which they ignore).

Muzzling fiscal watchdog is punishing Minnesota's taxpayers
Rebecca Otto | MinnPost | Apr 21, 2017
Although the most recent forecast showed the state has a $1.65 billion surplus, the Legislature, as I write this, is pushing new bills that will further cripple the people's watchdog, by cutting funding and enacting provisions to keep us from doing our work. Why?

MN Tax March Demands Trump Tax Returns
Preya Samsundar | Alpha News | Apr 15, 2017
Gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Otto led the Tax March MN attendees to the State Capitol and was the featured speaker.

The War on Science wins the Minnesota Book Award
News Release | Apr 09, 2017
Last night Shawn Otto's book The War on Science won the Minnesota Book Award. Hear his important comments about democracy, evidence and alternative facts here, and see why they are important to Rebecca - and should be to every political leader.

Otto gov camp watches who watches Auditor Otto
Brian Bakst | MPR News | Apr 07, 2017
Otto’s campaign has a standing request for copies of requests for records submitted with the auditor’s office. That practice was confirmed Thursday after a top supporter of U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan’s possible run for governor questioned on Twitter why his March 30 data practices request was circulated this week by an Otto political backer to Democrats statewide under the subject line “Let’s keep it positive.”

Muzzling the Auditor
Barrett and Greene, Inc. | Apr 05, 2017
Legislative leadership has run and continues to run roughshod over the Constitution and Minnesota taxpayers. It matches a movement nationally to muzzle the truth tellers in government, privatize government services at all costs and roll over to special interests.

State Auditor Otto Releases Report Assessing the Adequacy of County Audits Performed by CPA Firms
Office of the State Auditor | Apr 03, 2017
The report cites over 130 instances in which the auditors failed to comply with the standards. OSA staff identified material misstatements totaling millions of dollars.

Rebecca Otto appears on Access to Democracy
Access to Democracy | Apr 03, 2017
Rebecca joins host Alan Miller for an in-depth discussion of her campaign for Governor, problems in the legislature, the background to her lawsuit over privatization of the people's Office of the State Auditor, the single subject clause of the constitution, what we need to do to reinvent the Minnesota economy, her One Minnesota get together with Arne Carlson and Walter Mondale, life in her solar farm home, and more.

As the strongest choice for Governor of Minnesota, Rebecca Otto interacts with thousands on #RebeccaListens tour
News Release | Mar 27, 2017
Using the “One Minnesota” approach she developed in 2004 by bringing Arne Carlson and Walter Monday together, Otto has outperformed the margins of victory of every governor candidate she’s been on the ballot with, DFL or Republican. She outperformed Governor Dayton’s 2014 margin of victory in every congressional district in Minnesota. At the same time, she maintains deep metro support as one of the highest vote-getters in the metro area.

Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto Stops in Paynesville
Lakeland Broadcasting | Mar 24, 2017
Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto will stop in Paynesville as part of her statewide listening tour. State Auditor Otto has announced she is running for Governor in 2018.

Otto to hold listening session
Paynesville Press | Mar 22, 2017
Rather than just telling people what she thinks, Otto wants to hear from people about their hopes and dreams are and what they would like to see changed.

Podcast: The Auditor Always Rings Twice
Theater of Public Policy | Mar 14, 2017
Enjoy Rebecca Otto's rocking, hilarious and informative appearance with Tane Danger and the Theater of Public Policy at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Learn why she's running for Governor in her own words and what she's about.

Ramsey, other counties clash with Minnesota auditor in appeals court
Pioneer Press | Forum News Service | Mar 09, 2017
Judge Randolph Peterson, one of three deciding the case, referred to the private sector, where he said a board’s decision to hire a private auditor can raise suspicion among investors. Why, Peterson asked, would taxpayers not feel suspicious of local governments who do the same?

Candidate for governor to be in Eagan
Sun Thisweek | Mar 05, 2017
On Saturday, March 11, Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto will be at Lakeside Pointe Apartments community room in Eagan from 1:30-3 p.m. as part of her statewide listening tour.

State auditor to speak at Bloomington forum
Sun Current | Feb 27, 2017
Otto is a winner of the National Award for Excellence in Accountability, was elected president of the National State Auditors Association and named one of the 15 most influential Government Auditors in America.

Executive council approves new Kennecott copper leases
John Myers | Duluth News Tribune | Feb 23, 2017
State Auditor Rebecca Otto was the only vote against the leases, expressing concerns over long-term financial liability for the state.

The Auditor Always Rings Twice
Minneapolis Happening Magazine | Theater of Public Policy | Feb 17, 2017
If you’re like most Minnesotans, each year you eagerly await the audit of your local government’s finances. But have you ever wondered who produces that thrilling page-turner of a beach read? The J.K. Rowling of Minnesota financial documents is none other than State Auditor Rebecca Otto, our guest March 13. As if being state auditor weren’t exciting enough, Otto has announced a run for a new job, Governor. We’ll ask her about both, and if she can help us reconcile these expense reports.

Waconia mayor invites Otto to speak
Sun Patriot | Feb 15, 2017
“Whoever the next governor turns out to be, they will know Waconia and the people who live here,” said Sanborn, a Republican. Otto agrees with the mayor’s sentiment. “The best leadership starts with listening to people,” she said.

One month after launch, gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Otto has hosted dozens of events
News Release | Feb 09, 2017
Since launching her campaign for governor, Rebecca Otto has hosted dozens of events. She heard from hundreds of Minnesotans through in-person listening sessions, a tele-town hall, live chats on Twitter and Facebook, and through letters she asked for and received from residents all around the state—truly using as many avenues as possible to hear from Minnesotans of all backgrounds.

Governor candidate Otto to be in Morris Feb. 23
Morris Sun Tribune | Feb 08, 2017
Minnesota State Auditor and Gubernatorial Candidate Rebecca Otto will speak at University of Minnesota Morris from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 23, as part of her statewide listening tour.

May township resident Rebecca Otto will run for governor
Press Publications | Jan 27, 2017
Otto was elected state auditor in 2006 and has been re-elected twice. Her office oversees more than $20 billion in local government spending each year. She has also served on the Forest Lake school board and, prior to that, chaired a successful $52 million levy campaign for the district. Ironically, Otto says she never envisioned herself pursuing a political career.

May township resident Rebecca Otto to run for governor
Suzanne Lindgren | Country Messenger | Jan 18, 2017
Rebecca Otto’s campaign is built on listening, finding common ground. Her love for Minnesota has more to do with instinct than happenstance.

Local Somali Community Raises Concerns in a Listening Session
KAAL-TV | Jan 15, 2017
The race for governor is still a year away, but listening sessions have already started. The Somali community in Rochester gathered Saturday to speak with Rebecca Otto.

Minnesota Auditor Otto to run for Governor
Mesabi Daily News | Jan 14, 2017
“What people keep saying to me is ‘Fight it, please fight it, and let us know how we can help.’ They know the importance of this office and they know they don’t want ‘the fox guarding the hen house,’ ” Otto said.

Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto Plans to Run for Governor
KSTP-TV | Jan 12, 2017
"Rather than talking to you all about my good ideas, I would prefer to listen," Otto said. "I think there's been a lot of talk lately and not enough listening and truly understanding."

Otto in North Branch
The Post Review | Jan 11, 2017
Rebecca Otto, who recently announced her run for governor, will be at Everyday Joe Coffee Tea and Eatery at 10 a.m. Jan. 14.

Otto brings listening tour to Rochester
Rochester Post-Bulletin | Jan 11, 2017
DFL gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Otto will be visiting Rochester on Saturday as part of a statewide listening tour.

Minnesota state auditor Rebecca Otto to run for governor
Detroit Lakes Online | Jan 10, 2017
"Minnesota has given me great gifts. I love this state. I want to see it have the very best future possible," she said.

Rebecca Otto talks about her philosophy and her gubernatorial campaign
AM950 | Jan 10, 2017
Rebecca speaks with host Mike McIntee about her community conversations and how she is approaching her campaign as the people's campaign.

State auditor to run for governor
Fergus Falls Daily Journal | Jan 10, 2017
"This listening tour gives lots of people an opportunity to engage with me in a different way and consider me in a different role,” Otto said.

State auditor Rebecca Otto to run for governor
West Central Tribune | Jan 10, 2017
"It's really about understanding the challenges but also the dreams of all people around the state," Otto said. "Launching this listening tour gives lots of people an opportunity to engage with me in a different way and consider me in a different role."

Minnesota Auditor Otto to run for Governor
Grand Rapids Herald Review | Jan 10, 2017
Former St. Paul Rep. Matt Entenza ran against her in a primary. Otto won with 81 percent of the vote in the primary and just over 51 percent of the vote in the 2014 general election.

State Auditor Rebecca Otto Announces Gubernatorial Bid
WCCO-TV | Jan 10, 2017
Otto is the third Democrat to announce a campaign to replace Gov. Mark Dayton, whose term expires in January 2019.

Minnesota state auditor Rebecca Otto to run for governor
Bemidji Pioneer | Jan 10, 2017
Otto, 53, has three statewide election victories to her credit — plus a term as a state representative.

Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto to run for Minnesota governor
Crookston Times | Jan 10, 2017
She wants to see Minnesota in a position for "the very best future possible."

Minnesota state auditor Rebecca Otto to run for governor
Debbie Irmen | Perham Focus | Jan 10, 2017
Two other auditors have become governor in the past — former Republican Gov. Arne Carlson held the post, as did Dayton.

State Auditor Rebecca Otto enters 2018 race for governor
J. Patrick Coolican | Star Tribune | Jan 09, 2017
"There are Minnesotans who are not heard and understood even less, so this is an important component to our campaign," Otto said in an interview. The DFLer's campaign began with a "listening tour" that kicked off in Stillwater.

St. Croix Valley resident Rebecca Otto to run for governor
Jonathan Young | Stillwater Gazette | Jan 09, 2017
Otto, who lives in May Township, was first elected state auditor in 2006 and is serving her third term. She has also served in the Minnesota House of Representatives and the Forest Lake School Board.

MN State Auditor Rebecca Otto to Run for Governor
Andrea Mayer-Bruestle | Alpha News | Jan 09, 2017
Otto’s three terms as Auditor have not been void of controversy.

State auditor to run for Minnesota governor
Albert Lea Tribune | Jan 09, 2017
The 53-year-old three-term auditor said she’s planning a statewide “listening tour” to connect with voters.

Minnesota state auditor Rebecca Otto to run for governor
Rachel E. Stassen-Berger | Worthington Daily Globe | Jan 09, 2017
In a special election she won a House seat in a largely Republican area and has won election to the auditor’s seat, despite a Democratic primary in 2014 and a strong Republican wave.

Otto embarks on bid for Minnesota governor
Brian Bakst | MPR News | Jan 09, 2017
“I look forward to listening to my fellow Minnesotans and engaging in meaningful community conversations about our collective future. What is the next big thing for Minnesota? What do we want our future to be?” Otto said.

Rebecca Otto will run for Minnesota governor
Saint Cloud Times | AP | Jan 09, 2017
Otto tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press that she is “different” and wants to see Minnesota in a position for “the very best future possible.”

State auditor Rebecca Otto to run for MN governor
KARE-TV | Jan 09, 2017
Otto is the third Democrat to announce a campaign to replace Gov. Mark Dayton who will leave office when his term expires in January 2019.

State Auditor Rebecca Otto announces run for governor
J. Patrick Coolican | Star Tribune | Jan 09, 2017
Elected State Auditor Rebecca Otto announced she is running for the DFL nomination for governor in 2018. The campaign begins with a "listening tour" that kicks off in Stillwater Monday.

State auditor Rebecca Otto to run for governor
Rachel E. Stassen-Berger | Pioneer Press | Jan 08, 2017
Three-term Minnesota Auditor Rebecca Otto will run for governor, she told the Pioneer Press, joining what is expected to be a crowded race to replace DFL Gov. Mark Dayton.

Rebecca Otto Runs for Governor
News Release | Jan 08, 2017
State Auditor Rebecca Otto Announces Run for Governor... by Listening

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