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Winner of the National Award for Excellence in Accountability.
Elected President of the National State Auditors Association.
Named 1 of the 15 Most Influential Government Auditors in America.

Learn why Rebecca Otto is the strongest candidate for Governor in 2018. 


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Otto for Governor listening tour update

Posted by Rebecca Otto on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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Rebecca Otto walks the talk.

Rebecca installing new solar panels on her roof. She and Shawn built their solar & wind-powered farm home with their own hands.


Rebecca Otto: by far the strongest and most progressive candidate for Minnesota Governor in 2018
Greg Laden | Minnesota Progressive Project | May 24, 2017
In 2016 Minnesotans showed they were ready to embrace bold, progressive leadership, the kind of leadership that they believe, based on track record, won’t sell them out on key issues when the going gets tough. They want a candidate who runs outside strict party affiliation, who thinks independently, and who takes stands for ordinary people instead of the wealthy elite or big corporations even if it means the corporations will mount attacks. They want the kind of principled, fearless leadership shown by Bernie Sanders and Rebecca Otto. Otto has racked up several historic victories, including the largest upset of an incumbent in 112 years, and is positioned to do it again in 2018. Her statewide electoral prowess far outstrips her nearest competitor.

In auditor fight, fight for checks and balances
Editorial Board | Pioneer Press | May 17, 2017
Former Republican Gov. Arne Carlson, also a former state auditor, summed up in an affidavit what he sees at risk: The state would lose the independence of the auditor’s office “and replace it with private CPA firms beholden, not to the people, but to county boards and employees.” He further suggests concern that firms will “act in a manner designed to ensure repeat business, not to protect the taxpayers.”

Pile-on legislation is aplenty — and unconstitutional in Minnesota
Lori Sturdevant | StarTribune | May 07, 2017
Why legislators face a single-subject rule (which they ignore).

Muzzling fiscal watchdog is punishing Minnesota's taxpayers
Rebecca Otto | MinnPost | Apr 21, 2017
Although the most recent forecast showed the state has a $1.65 billion surplus, the Legislature, as I write this, is pushing new bills that will further cripple the people's watchdog, by cutting funding and enacting provisions to keep us from doing our work. Why?

MN Tax March Demands Trump Tax Returns
Preya Samsundar | Alpha News | Apr 15, 2017
Gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Otto led the Tax March MN attendees to the State Capitol and was the featured speaker.

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